CALGARY, November 20, 2001 ( – Yesterday Alberta Premier Ralph Klein said that he would not even consider removing abortion from the list of publicly funded “medically necessary” services. “The chances, I believe, are slim and none, said Klein at a press conference. The Edmonton Sun reports that when pressed over whether the issue was still open to debate, Klein said, “No, it’s not. Not at all. No. Full stop.”

In the legislature Klein said, “My position is that this is a matter between a woman, her doctor and her God,” and claimed, “It is covered under the Canada Health Act.” However, Patty Nixon, executive director of Alberta Pro-Life, said that abortion is covered because Klein wants it so. In a press release, Nixon points out that there is no court decision or federal decree that says abortion is a medically necessary service. Nor does the Canada Health Act say that abortion is medically necessary.

In fact, Senator Michael Kirby and the Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs have said in their interim report, dated March 2001, that “the determination of what services meet the requirement of medical necessity is made in each province by the provincial government in conjunction with the medical profession.”

Nixon pointed out that one of the country’s main abortion lobby groups, the Canadian Abortion Rights Action League (CARAL), says it’s about money. CARAL’s president, Marilyn Wilson, told a Commons Finance Committee on October 31, 2001, that women seek abortions “for socio-economic reasons. Sometimes it is a desire to complete their education and become financially independent. In many cases, couples with children wish to restrict their family size in order to provide adequate financial support.”“This is all about personal choice, as the abortion promoters keep telling us,” says Nixon. “The doctor is only there to do the job, as requested by the client, and get the taxpayers to pick up the tab. What has medicine got to do with it?”

Polls have consistently revealed that the Canadian public, regardless of personal positions on abortion, opposes taxpayer funding of the choice to have an abortion.

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