EDMONTON, AB, Mar 9 (  Alberta’s Premier Ralph Klein has undermined conservatives in his own government and his province by endorsing the ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child without any public input from the public and little if any from his own party members. On January 13, while the Alberta legislature was not sitting, Klein sent a letter to Prime Minister Chretien saying that as an “indication of our commitment to children and families,  we would like to extend our formal support for the federal government’s ratification.”

For over ten years conservatives in Alberta have fought the radical UN Convention which provides the legal foundation to strip parents of their fundamental responsibilities over their own children. While the legislature has not ratified the convention, the federal government may not wait for their assent to begin a crackdown on parent’s rights.

According to the convention, spanking used as a form of discipline by parents would likely be outlawed. Once ratified by Canada, the convention would supercede Canadian law in this area. Last March, the Committee on the Rights of the Child, which reviews countries’ compliance with the UN,  concluded that “the lack of prohibition in local legislation of the use of corporal punishment,  however light, at home” contravened the convention. The corporal punishment prohibition is only the beginning of many new expected interferences in family life under the Convention.

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