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EDMONTON, Alberta (LifeSiteNews) – Alberta Premier Jason Kenney said that his province will launch a court challenge against the federal government over Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s “unjustified” use of the Emergencies Act (EA).

“The federal government’s invocation of the Emergencies Act is an unnecessary and disproportionate measure that can violate civil liberties, invades provincial jurisdiction, and creates a very dangerous precedent for the future. And it’s not necessary,” Kenney said in a Twitter video posted Saturday.

“Alberta will be filing a court challenge to the government of Canada’s invocation of the Emergency Act.”

Kenney said that “illegal” blockages, such as the one at the Coutts border, were handled without the need for emergency powers.

Kenney added that the province will also be considering applying as an “intervener to support the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and the Canadian Constitution Foundation, so we need to take action to defend, yes, the law and order, but also civil liberties and our Constitution in Canada.”

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association announced last week that it will be suing the Canadian federal government over its invocation of the EA, due to violations of civil liberties.

Today in the Alberta Legislature, a motion was introduced to “condemn” the “unnecessary invocation of the Emergencies Act by the Government of Canada,” which is “an unnecessary intrusion into provincial jurisdiction under the Constitution of Canada.”

At least one other premier, Scott Moe of Saskatchewan, has said his government is considering suing the Trudeau feds over enacting the EA.

“Saskatchewan is carefully evaluating the impact of the unilateral invocation of the Emergencies Act, despite the province’s clear opposition to its application in Saskatchewan during consultation,” said Moe.

“At this time, legal recourse is under consideration and has not been ruled out.”

Seven out of 10 provincial premiers, including Kenney and Moe, oppose Trudeau’s Emergencies Act declaration.

Kenney was one of the first Premiers in Canada to denounce Trudeau’s unprecedented step of enacting the EA on February 14.

Trudeau claimed the EA was needed to deal with the truckers from the Freedom Convoy, which had been in Ottawa for the past three weeks protesting COVID mandates. His new powers allow the government the power to freeze anyone’s bank accounts associated with the convoy without a court order.

Kenney said the freezing of people’s bank accounts “creates a very disturbing precedent.”

On Monday, Kenney said he plans to remove most of the remaining COVID rules in place in Alberta and will announce the details this coming Saturday.

Under Kenney’s “conservative” government, three Christian pastors, including Artur Pawlowski, were jailed for going against COVID rules. Pawlowski is still behind bars after a judge denied him bail.

MPs from Canada’s House of Commons on Monday voted 185 to 151 in favor of maintaining the EA.

This past Friday, police in Ottawa, under Trudeau’s direct orders through the Emergencies Act, cleared out Freedom Convoy protesters and arrested those who did not comply.

WATCH: Ottawa Police on horseback trample Freedom Convoy protesters

Conservative news sites True North and Rebel News are suing the Ottawa police for allegedly pepper-spraying their journalists. The latter alleges police also beat one of their female reporters.

To trigger a motion to revoke the Emergencies Act, the support of 20 MPs or 10 Senators is needed.

Canada’s Senate is this week debating the Emergencies Act, with a vote expected to take place as early as this Thursday.

Canada’s Parliament will resume sitting on February 28.

Senate debates will be available for public viewing at

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CONTACT YOUR FEDERAL LAWMAKERS: Ask them to oppose Trudeau’s invocation of the EA! Click to contact your federal lawmakers now.


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