RED DEER, Alta., Mar 30 (LSN) – Alberta Premier Ralph Klein has set up a ministerial task force on homosexual “rights.”  The move comes in response to the pending Supreme Court of Canada decision in the case of Delwin Vriend, an instructor at a Christian College who was dismissed for refusing to conform to the college’s code of moral conduct, which is based on the Ten Commandments.

Vriend attempted to force the school to conform to his personal moral beliefs, but found he was unable to use Alberta’s human rights legislation, as gay activists have done with such success across the rest of the country.  The reason was that Alberta’s Individual Rights Protection Act does not include the undefined political term, “sexual orientation.”  Vriend then sued the province itself, saying the province is violating the Charter of Rights and Freedoms by not including “sexual orientation” in its human rights legislation. The Supreme Court heard the case last November and is expected to announce its decision on Thursday.  Many Albertans have urged the provincial government to use the constitution’s “notwithstanding clause” to override the Supreme Court, should it usurp the role of elected, accountable legislators, and rule in favour of the gay agenda once again. Premier Klein, unfortunately,  is on record indicating he will not resist a pro-gay ruling.