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 CALGARY (LifeSiteNews) – Premier of Alberta Jason Kenney has condemned a proposal by the province of Quebec to tax unvaccinated residents.  

During a COVID-19 update on Thursday afternoon, Kenney said “the implication of this policy is that low-income unvaccinated people would be denied care, which is, I think, inhumane and unethical and certainly un-Canadian.” 

“I am very concerned about the announcement that the government of Quebec contends in principle to pursue,” he said. 

The Alberta Premier also raised the spectre of other kinds of health discrimination, saying: “It makes no sense to me, and if we were going to go down that road, then … anybody [who]  is overweight, do we put them on a weigh scale and determine, based on their weight, that they have to pay extra to access the healthcare system?” 

He also expressed his concern about the constitutional and legal concerns with taxing anyone a special health tax while operating under a universal health system. The Canada Health Act stipulates that Canadians are to have “continued access to quality health care without financial or other barriers.” 

Kenney nevertheless encouraged residents of Alberta to take the COVID-19 shots, suggesting that this is the best way to prevent “unacceptable pressure” on the health care system. 

There is scant evidence that the jabs stop transmission and recently Pfizer CEO Alberta Bourla admitted that his company’s vaccines offer “limited protection, if any” against COVID.  

Currently in Alberta, roughly 80% of cases occur in the fully vaccinated, and roughly 80% of the total population is fully vaccinated. In addition, the premier recently admitted that hospitalizations have been overstated by up to 60%, and the Chief Health Officer also admitted that numerous ICU admissions labeled as COVID were incorrect.