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Alexander Tschugguel

(LifeSiteNews) – Catholic activist and Pachamama slayer Alexander Tschugguel sat down with LifeSiteNews journalist Andreas Wailzer to talk about the pro-life fights in Austria and across Europe, Catholic heritage, and why so-called “conservative” political parties in Europe have largely abandoned their Christian values and betrayed Christian voters.

Tschugguel told LifeSiteNews about an important pro-life campaign in Austria that he leads together with other pro-lifers.

The government of the Austrian federal state of Tyrol plans to introduce state-funded abortion, he explained. It wrote in its coalition program that every woman has a “right to abortion.” 

“What we see in Tyrol is a very severe attack on the right to life,” Tschugguel said. 

The Austrian activist stressed that this pro-abortion plan by the Tyrolian government could have wide-ranging effects, not only for unborn children in Tyrol but across Austria and all of Europe, as pro-abortion lawmakers could always reference pro-abortion laws in other countries. 

“You know how it works,” Tschugguel said. “They try to implement certain pro-abortion laws in different parts of Europe and then start the legal process by saying: well, but in this member state of the European Union it is legal, why is not legal in my member state?’” 

To protest the pro-abortion plans of the Tyrolian government, pro-life groups in Austria have organized a March for Life that will take place on January 14 in Innsbruck, Tyrol’s capital city. 

Tschugguel talked about the Catholic heritage of the “Holy Land of Tyrol,” which was once considered the Catholic lung of Austria and one of the most devoutly Catholic regions in all of Europe. He told the story of the Tyrolian Catholic freedom fighter Andreas Hofer, who fought against Bavarian and French occupation during the time of Napoleon. Among other things, Hofer called for resistance against the forced smallpox vaccination program imposed by the Bavarians. 

Moreover, Tschugguel laid out how the formerly conservative political parties in Austria (Austrian People’s Party, ÖVP) and Germany (Christian Democratic Union, CDU) have abandoned their Christian values. 

The Austrian ÖVP is part of the government of Tyrol which plans to introduce state-funded abortion, going completely against the Christian pro-life teaching. 

“When the corruption inside the Church happened, it also happened there [in the conservative parties]. We cannot separate this,” Tschugguel said. 

“They still call themselves conservatives and they still officially are Christian,” he stated. “But they betray us.” 

“The problem is that the people who betray you are the people within your own rows,” Tschugguel said, adding that “the problem with the ÖVP is that in every election campaign, they send out one, or two or three or four politicians which play the Catholic Christian card in order to attract those voters.” 

In the interview, Tschugguel also talked about other pro-life fights across Europe, including regarding the attempt to legalize abortion in Malta and the huge protest in response to that. 

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“The abortion industry always uses the weakest spot of humans in order to bring in their deadly ideology,” he stated while explaining that the pro-abortion lobby in Malta tries to justify legalizing the killing of unborn children by citing maternal mortality, even though “the maternal mortality in Malta is zero.” 

Regarding Poland’s strong pro-life laws and Catholic culture, Tschugguel said that through the example of Pope John Paul II. the Polish people understood that “the Catholic faith is the cure for communism.” 

Furthermore, the Austrian activist rebutted some of the commonly used arguments by the pro-abortion side in Europe.