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Alfie Evans' dad Tom gives a press conference outside Alder Hey hospital April 13, 2018.

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LIVERPOOL, England, April 25, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Thomas Evans, Alfie’s father, sought to prosecute three doctors for conspiracy to murder his son, it was revealed in court today.

Thomas Evans has also written on Facebook that if Alfie dies, “I will instruct lawyers to start private prosecution of every single person who helps to make that happen.”


The Liverpool Echo reported that during another court hearing today, the court heard that “Alfie’s dad sought to prosecute three doctors over allegedly conspiring to murder his little boy.”

“Judges said they had been told that Mr Evans had talked about taking out private prosecutions against three doctors for ‘conspiracy for murder,’” according to the Echo.

This comes after Thomas Evans posted on Facebook that he will “do whatever it takes to defend Alfie’s life; and we will do that within the law.”

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He said that if the hospital’s actions result in the death of his son, he will sue everyone involved for “murder.”

“But if my son dies now, I will instruct lawyers to start private prosecution of every single person who helps to make that happen,” he said.

“You say that to withdraw life support from a sick child is a humane medical act – I say it is murder. You say that using force to prevent me from trying to save his life is no more than upholding the law – I say it is murder. You say you are acting in the best interests of the child. Perhaps King Herod used that phrase, too,” he continued.

“I will not allow you to kill my son just because a bunch of smug lawyers in London has concluded this would be good for him. If you make my son die tomorrow, you will face justice from a jury of your twelve countrymen in this world, and a terrible judgement of God in the world to come,” the toddler’s father added.

The Italian ambassador has also floated the possibility of murder charges. Italy gave Alfie citizenship so it would be easier for him to be flown there for treatment, but Alder Hey and the UK court system refuse to release the boy.

Alder Hey only just started allowing Alfie to be fed after initially denying him food. The hospital and court expected Alfie to die shortly after his ventilator was removed, but he proved them wrong and continues to breathe on his own.