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Tom Evans reads statement outside hospital April 16, 2018.

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LIVERPOOL, England, April 16, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Baby Alfie Evans' father Tom delivered a defiant message to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital after a UK judge rejected the parents' latest bid to save their son’s life.

In a statement tearfully read outside the hospital on Monday, Alfie Evans’ father accused the hospital of “lying to the police,” “stripping [Alfie] of his dignity,” “taking away the rights of him and his family to be together,” and “trying to dictate what is in Alfie’s best interests when we have several pieces of evidence showing Alder Hey to be acting contrary to Alfie’s best interest,” such as “leaving him in poor and squalid conditions…and with moldy tubes.”

Evans' mention of the hospital not allowing the family to be together was in reference to a letter he shared last week in which Alder Hey accused pro-Alfie protesters of causing “significant disruption” to other patients’ families and staff. This led to the hospital restricting the number of visitors to Alfie. Evans vehemently denied the charges.

Last week Evans also accused the hospital of abusing and neglecting his son in multiple ways, including a doctor adjusting his drugs without permission, a nurse falling asleep next to him, and allowing one of his lungs to collapse despite being in intensive care.

“How can this trust get away with it?” Evans asked on Monday. “They should forfeit ability to dictate Alfie’s best interests…not terminate his life because of their failures to diagnose him and treat him effectively.”

Alfie has an unidentified neurodegenerative condition that Alder Hey Hospital claims is untreatable. For months, Alfie’s parents have been locked in a legal battle with UK courts to stop the hospital from removing Alfie’s life support. Their appeals have been denied at every turn. 

Earlier today,  Lord Justices Davis and Moylan and Lady Justice King of the High Court of England and Wales rejected the parents’ latest appeal, allowing to stand a previous ruling that stopping his ventilator and letting him die would be in Alfie’s “best interests.”

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Despite this latest defeat, Tom Evans vowed that he and Alfie’s mother Kate James will continue fighting, and will appeal Hayden’s ruling to the UK Supreme Court.

“We want them to know they can’t take him away, we’re never gonna back down.” Evans said. “Alfie, the family, and our cause is stronger than ever, and we will keep fighting all the way. We will never give up on you, Alfie.”

Tom Evans also shared to Facebook a picture of Alfie with his eyes open, along with a health update.

“Alfie has not yet Woke up,” Evans explained, “this is just after a very small seizure.” He said that Alfie “tried his best to stay awake but after a couple of minutes and a couple of very tired kid flickers he went back of to sleep.”

“He’s fighting not dying, he’s undiagnosed not terminal, HE HAS NOT GOT MITOCHONDRIAL!” Evans reiterated. “While you continue to lead us through the storm we will hold your hand all the way through it.”

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