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Tom Evans and Kate James with their son Thomas. This Morning / youtube screen grab

LIVERPOOL, September 4, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Tom Evans and Kate James are celebrating the birth of their second son, four months after the death of their son Alfie following a legal battle that captured the attention of the entire world.

The 23-month-old boy died at the end of April at Alder Hey Children’s hospital, which had removed his ventilator five days earlier in defiance of his parents’ wishes. Alfie’s doctors claimed he had an undiagnosed and untreatable neurological condition that resulted in serious and irreparable brain damage.


For months, his parents fought the hospital in both British and international court to stop Alder Hey from removing Alfie’s life support. They sought permission to take him to a Vatican hospital that had offered to take the boy. Despite a few signs of hope, they were denied at every turn.

Alfie’s brother, little Thomas, was born on August 6, The Sun reports. His parents feared that future children could have the same disease Alfie had, but all signs so far are reportedly in the clear.

“They explained to us that they had found two faulty genes. One comes from me and one comes from Tom,” Kate explained. “Me and Tom have a one-in-four chance of it happening to more babies.”

“I thought what if he does resemble Alfie, how am I going to take it,” she confessed in an interview with This Morning. “But when I wake up to feed him in the morning, it's lovely. Sometimes you feel like Alfie is in him. He frowns and stretches like Alfie, he is just a double.”


They also made clear that Thomas is no replacement, but one of two children who will always remain in their hearts.

“Sometimes you feel Alfie is in him. You'll say 'Alfie' and Tom will smile. We will always have two children, no matter what,” his father shared. “We're happy for what we had, and what we have still got because we have two amazing children and we will always have them.”

“It’s obviously tinged with sadness though as they know Alfie would have been a fantastic big brother, if only he’d managed to survive,” a source told The Sun.

In June, Tom Evans vowed that they would “never accept Alfie’s death or cause of death,” and would continue to speak out on the circumstances and actions leading up to his death. He and Kate are also reportedly committed to helping other sick children in situations like Alfie’s.