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June 30, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – Even small online platforms are caving to pressure from the left to censor conservative content.

YouTube began censoring PragerU, which makes short educational videos from a conservative point of view, in 2017, labelling its videos “inappropriate.” So PragerU turned to video player software company JW Player to continue making free educational video content.

In a June 18 fundraising email, PragerU announced that JW Player has de-platformed the company.

JW Player didn’t give any specific reasons for removing PragerU from the platform.

“In cowardly fashion they refused to give specifics and hid behind third-party ‘fact-checkers’ to purge PragerU as a client,” PragerU stated.

Founded by Dennis Prager in 2011, PragerU’s videos have been viewed over 5 billion times.

In 2020, PragerU lost a court case against YouTube after challenging YouTube’s censorship of its videos. YouTube restricted dozens of PragerU videos with the same content filter generally reserved for violent or sexual content. Facebook also restricted PragerU because of a video that questioned climate change. PragerU then turned to private support from donors and alternative platforms and continued reaching people.

“When YouTube began restricting 200+ ‘dangerous’ PragerU videos a few years ago—including our series on the Ten Commandments—we took matters into our own hands and our viewership quadrupled,” the organization stated in its recent email to supporters.


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