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Alyssa Milano gets bipartisan backlash for tweeting she’s ‘trans, lesbian, gay man ... everything’

Calvin Freiburger

March 13, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Actress Alyssa Milano is one of Hollywood’s more outspoken celebrities for liberal causes, a tendency that backfired Friday with two tweets meant to express solidarity with “transgender” women on International Women’s Day.

“My transgender sisters! I am celebrating YOU this #NationalWomensDay,” Milano tweeted. Asked if she was transgendered, she responded by claiming, “I’m trans. I’m a person of color. I’m an immigrant. I’m a lesbian. I’m a gay man. I’m the disabled. I’m everything. And so are you.”

Milano is a straight, white, able-bodied, native-born woman, so her tweets received significant pushback from conservatives who reject the concept of “fluid” identities, as well as liberals who resented the implication that the actress was “appropriating” their experiences from a position of “privilege":

Following the backlash, Milano tweeted that she was “happy people are voicing concerns here,” “ok being made the example,” and “glad this tweet invoked conversation.”

“I’m so sorry it offended some,” she said. “I see you and hear you. But just a reminder, empathy is not a bad thing. Nuance is important and literal interpretation is not always intended. And I can identify with and not identify as. Both are powerful.”

Despite having been raised nominally Catholic, Milano is now a pro-abortion activist who joined the Left’s chorus of outrage against Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh and the Covington Catholic High School students who attended this year’s March for Life.

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