OLYMPIA, Washington, July 31, 2012 ( – The fight for traditional marriage in Washington state is heating up with the announcement that billionaire Jeff Bezos, the founder of, and his wife, MacKenzie, have pledged $2.5 million to homosexual lobbyists. The donation comes after opponents of the state’s new gay “marriage” law stopped the legislation in its tracks by collecting and filing over 240,000 signatures in support of a referendum on the November ballot.

The contribution makes the Amazon couple the largest financial backer of homosexual “rights” in the state, according to the NY Times, far outstripping the $100k donation by Bill Gates and Steven A. Ballmer of Microsoft.

Gov. Christine Gregoire of Washington State, a Democrat, signed the homosexual “marriage” bill into law in February, making Washington the seventh U.S. state to redefine marriage, in addition to the District of Columbia.


The bill was expected to take effect in June, however, Preserve Marriage Washington gathered and filed 247,331 signatures supporting a referendum, far more than the required 120,577.

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Joseph Backholm, Chairman of Preserve Marriage Washington, said the large numbers that supported the referendum initiative show that public opinion is on the side of traditional marriage.

“Despite attempts by some to skew what we really think, support for preserving marriage remains strong across our great state,” Backholm said, adding that the homosexualist agenda “is not about equality or fairness; same-sex couples already have the same legal rights as married couples. Our opponents’ goals are to make marriage genderless, to de-emphasize the unique roles of mothers and fathers, and to completely remake the institution of marriage.”

Backholm pointed out that every time the question of same-sex “marriage” has been brought before voters, the people have voted to protect traditional marriage.

“Thirty-two States have voted in favour of traditional marriage; 0 States have voted in favour of “gay marriage,” Backholm observed.

“For thousands of years, marriage between one man and one woman has proven to be the cornerstone of our society. Thirty-two other states have already voted to preserve marriage—November 6 is our opportunity to do the same.”

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