AURORA, Illinois, July 24, 2012, ( – A second woman appears to have been injured at an Illinois Planned Parenthood in a likely botched abortion on Saturday, in addition to a young woman who died from the procedure the same day, reports a national pro-life group.

Pro-Life Action League, which is headquartered in Chicago, reported Monday afternoon that an ambulance was called to the Planned Parenthood in Aurora, Illinois, as several pro-life individuals prayed outside the facility.


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The League’s Ann Scheidler reported that no one was removed from the clinic or transported in the ambulance. “But given that it was a Saturday morning, [Planned Parenthood’s] busiest abortion time, and they felt something was wrong enough to call for an ambulance, it seems most likely that something went awry with an abortion,” she wrote.

“We thank God there was no need to transport the victim to the hospital and we are submitting a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to learn the reason for the ambulance call,” she added.

Later that evening, 24-year-old abortion patient Tonya Reaves was rushed to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where she was pronounced dead following a procedure at the Planned Parenthood of Illinois in Chicago. An autopsy the same day determined that Reaves died from hemorrhage following a dilation and evacuation abortion, a procedure not performed until after the first trimester.

Scheidler criticized Planned Parenthood’s statement reacting to Reaves’ death when the affair was reported by local media: the abortion group referred to as “a tragic development at a nearby hospital.”

“Planned Parenthood had the audacity to act as if her death had nothing to do with the abortion at their clinic that caused her hemorrhage!” wrote Scheidler. “That kind of hubris is what we’ve come to expect from Planned Parenthood, but it is unacceptable.”