TUPELO, MS, Feb 17 (LSN) – The American Family Association has asked pro-family supporters to lobby the Amoco and Mobil Oil companies who have joined with Shell and Chevron Oil companies in offering same sex Domestic Partner benefits to their employees. Thus equating a homosexual relationship with marriage between a man and a woman. Tim Wildmon, Vice President of American Family Association, has asked that those who don’t approve of these changes at Amoco and Mobil Oil to vote with their pocket books and return their company credit cards.  Please contact Amoco and Mobil Oil companies and politely advise them of your concerns over news of their recent decision to offer same-sex benefits to their employees.  CONTACTING AMOCO:  Amoco Corporation 200 East Randolf Drive Chicago, IL 60601-7125 Telephone – 800/333-3991 E-mail: [email protected]   CONTACTING MOBIL:  Mobil Corporation 3225 Gallows Road Fairfax, VA 22037 Telephone – 703/846-3000 E-mail: [email protected]