TEXAS, Mar 30 (LSN) – Last week the American Family Association (AFA) alerted pro-family advocates to America Online’s (AOL) support of foul-mouthed radio personality Howard Stern.  Efforts on the part of pro-family groups have led 84% of Stern’s sponsors to withdraw their support.  AOL, however, has retained its sponsorship.  In response, the AFA has encouraged pro-family supporters to contact AOL Chairman Steve Case,  and request that AOL stop contributing to Stern’s assault on our families by advertising on his show. AFA also disputed AOL’s claim that they are unable to control the subsidiary which is advertising on Stern’s show, AOL long-distance.  American Online CHRM. Stephen M. Case 8619 Westwood Center Drive Vienna, VA 22182 Toll Free – 1/888-265-8008 E-Mail: [email protected]