American Counseling Association Recognizes Right to Treatment to Leave Homosexual Lifestyle

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia, February 4, 2005 ( – The American Counseling Association (ACA) has recognized the right of clients to have treatment to change their sexual orientation.

The ACA, which represents the interests of counselors ranging from school to career counselors, was contacted by a noted ex-gay, Atlanta pastor Rev D.L. Foster, for clarification of their position.

“Person(s) should have the freedom of choice to seek appropriate treatment for” changing their sexual orientation if they so choose, ACA Ethics and Professional Standards manager Larry Freeman wrote in response. Freeman also said that, if a counselor is not qualified to help a client re-orient their sexual orientation, then an appropriate referral should be made. 

“As the past president of a division of the ACA, I am glad to see this professional body recognize a client’s right to self-determination,” said Dr. Warren Throckmorton, past president of the American Mental Health Counselors Association and associate professor of psychology at Grove City College. “Further, if a counselor is not equipped to help a person who wants to re-orient their sexuality, then an appropriate referral should be made.”

“As a Pastor and one who has experienced satisfying change in my own sexual orientation, I welcome this wise and balanced response which truly values diversity and a client’s right to self determination,” said Rev. Foster. 

“It is gratifying to know that struggling men and women seeking changes to sexual feelings won’t be relegated to second class status in the mental health field simply because they want to live happier, fulfilling lives,” he added. 

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