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RALEIGH, N.C., June 19 (LSN) – Yesterday the Wall Street Journal reported on U.S. Drs Stephen D. Mumford and Elton Kessel, who are using a permanent sterilization drug on poor women in the Third World, with the financial support of population-control advocates in the U.S. Quinacrine, as the drug is known, is inserted into the uterus in two doses one month apart, and irreversibly scars the fallopian tubes. Known side effects include “abnormal menstrual bleeding, backaches, fever, abdominal pain, and headaches.” The drug is banned in the U.S., because scientists fear it causes cancer.  Mumford, head of the Center for Research on Population and Security, estimates that over 100,000 poor women have been permanently sterilized with the quinacrine he and Kessel provided. “(The) explosion in human numbers, which after 2050 will come entirely from immigrants and the offspring of immigrants, will dominate our lives,” Mumford said, echoing the racist rhetoric of most population-control advocates.  “There will be chaos and anarchy.”