HOLLYWOOD, December 14, 2012, ( – The Fox show American Horror Story is renowned for its depiction of gruesome violence, but a recent episode upped the ante with a bizarre abortion-themed storyline.

The episode, entitled The Coat Hanger, features a lesbian journalist who is trapped in an asylum and becomes pregnant after being raped by one of the doctors, who is also a serial killer.

The asylum is run by the Roman Catholic Church, and the staff prevent the woman from getting an abortion. She then attempts to perform an abortion on herself with a coat hanger. 


After the abortion fails, she learns that the baby will grow up to be a serial killer like his father.

“I’ve never seen a show stack the cards so heavily in favor of abortion, no matter the outcome,” Salon’s staff TV writer Willa Paskin wrote after watching the episode.

Paskin pointed out that TV and film typically avoid the subject of abortion, and that if abortion is addressed the characters usually choose life. But because of American Horror Story’s “feverish, crazy, surreal aesthetic,” said Paskin, “it gets away with political positions more grounded shows can’t, or won’t, attempt.”

The twisted storyline is par for the course for the highly popular horror show, which has drawn the ire the Parents Television Council (PTC) for its over-the-top violence, graphic and violent sexual content, and “virulent anti-Catholic and anti-Christian imagery and bigotry.”

The current season, set in the Catholic-run asylum, is populated with nuns and priests who are depicted as sexual perverts and hypocrites.

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In a review of one recent episode, PTC writer Christopher Gildemeister wrote, “There really are not words strong enough to express the depth of depravity in which this program revels.”

“That anyone is allowed to spend millions of dollars on a series this warped reveals the true depth of sickness and corruption gripping Hollywood,” he wrote. “But that every cable and satellite subscriber in America is forced to pay for it is beyond unjust.”

The program is aired on the FX network, which is owned by Fox Entertainment. Episodes regularly draw audiences of up to three million viewers.

So far, over 14,000 people have signed a petition hosted by the American Needs Fatima blog, demanding the cancellation of American Horror Story. The blog is a project of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP).

Its fellow Fox property, The Mob Doctor, debuted with a strongly pro-abortion message. The program, which aired on Fox, was cancelled last month.