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NASHVILLE, Tennessee, February 1, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – American Idol star Colton Dixon says he's glad he and his new wife Anne waited to have marital relations.

It was “more meaningful to wait,” Dixon told People magazine. 

The happy Christian couple wed on January 8. Colton, 24, and Annie, 27, said that their honeymoon night was all the more special. “It was kind of strange: we checked into the room and realized, 'We actually get to go to sleep side by side! This is so cool!'”

Colton explained that when traveling to concerts, the two of them always got two separate hotel rooms because “we wanted to remain pure in that area.”

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“It was not easy!” Colton said. “But I believe sex was designed for marriage and I knew it would be more meaningful to wait. That was something I grew up thinking and feeling, and I believe the Bible backs it up as well.”

His new wife agrees. “Deep down in my heart it felt like it was the right thing,” Anne said. “And we're really glad we did. We know God's hand is on our marriage.”

“There were a lot of moments of – 'Oh, you're not going back to your room. That means we're married!'” Colton said. “It made it really special for us.”

Colton came in seventh on the 2012 season of American Idol, when Phillip Phillips won the top prize. Colton has since released two Christian top-selling albums.

The two got engaged at Disney World, with Colton hiding Anne's engagement ring inside a glass slipper. The wedding was special, too, with Colton's uncle playing piano and his sister, Schyler, singing “How Great Thou Art” as the bride and groom lit a unity candle.

Steven Curtis Chapman sang his popular Christian song, “Cinderella,” for the father-daughter dance. Anne told People, “That's something my dad and I will never forget.”