American Jewish Rabbis Show Solidarity with Vatican against Obama’s Anti-Life Measures

By John-Henry Westen

NEW YORK, January 27, 2009 ( -  Rabbi Yehuda Levin, spokesman for Rabbinical Alliance of America, will be in Rome Thursday meeting with high ranking Vatican officials. While there he will express solidarity regarding the recent Vatican criticisms of US President Barack Obama and his executive order which has permitted US taxpayer funds to be given to organizations performing and lobbying for abortion internationally. 

Levin will be representing over 800 Orthodox Jewish Rabbis who form the Rabbinical Alliance of America. His visit is being coordinated by the Rome office of Human Life International.

Following Obama’s overturning of the Mexico City Policy Friday, Archbishop Rino Fisichella, head of the Pontifical Academy for Life, said that "if this is one of President Obama’s first acts, I have to say, in all due respect, that we’re heading quickly toward disappointment." He added, "It is essential to know how to listen to all of the requests of the country without shutting one’s self up in an ideological vision with the arrogance of thinking that having power means the power over life and death."

Levin told of the reason for the journey saying,  "I was spiritually envious of Archbishop Fisichella for jumping to the forefront in identifying the serious concerns that religious family people in America and the world over have with Obama’s first week in the presidency."  He added: "This has motivated the Rabbis to send me on this special trip to the Vatican to show physically for the world to see that we stand shoulder to shoulder, and we appreciate and encourage the continued outspokenness and leadership which the Vatican and her various personalities are taking in defending life and family values."

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