By John-Henry Westen

WASHINGTON, DC, February 7, 2007 ( – “Saving Those Damned Catholics” exposes the warts on the underbelly of the Catholic leadership in America today, and it is not a pretty picture. Too many among them are caught up in a twisted vision of what it takes to effectively lead Catholics. There is too much moral relativism and too little desire to say what is right, especially when doing so will bring down the wrath of the media and maybe even a few politicians.”

  So reads a teaser on the website which markets ‘Saving those Damned Catholics’ the new book by American Life League President Judie Brown. spoke with Mrs. Brown about her new book while in Washington for the March for Life. What is the book about and what is the general idea?

  Brown: The book is an expression of my concern, as a Catholic- that, after waiting for 30 some years for the Bishops to do something to end abortion – it has come to my attention that historically they will not do anything and millions of souls have been lost in the process – which is where the title came from. 

  Nobody knows how many people have gone to their uncomfortable reward because of the lack of the bishops to stand up and teach and preach the truth which is what they are called to do.  So, what I did is write a book based on case histories of people that I have encountered over the last 34 years and the various terrible experiences that they have had because of the lack of the bishops to teach and preach the truth. Do you actually name names in the book?

John-Henry Westen and Judie Brown  Brown: Oh yes, there are many names in the book.  Not in a disrespectful way.  Every single time a person’s name is mentioned it is because there is a quote from that individual.  Sometimes I have used fictional examples and composites of various bishops and the things they have said.  But the point of the book is to teach people that yes, there is a problem but there is also a solution and by facing the fact that we have a problem, we can come up with a solution as Catholics and we can help our bishops to come up with a solution because they are not all bad guys – we have some very heroic bishops. Who are some of the more heroic bishops in your opinion?

  Brown: Bishop Bruskewitz, Bishop Olmsted, Archbishop Burke, Archbishop Chaput to name just a few.  The recently retired Archbishop Donahue – there are some tremendous bishops.  Bishop Vasa in Oregon would be another one.  What we have to do is hold them up with prayer and encouragement and let the rest of these bishops know that we want them to do their job – that is not a disrespectful thing to ask them to do. 

  The book documents all the Catholic hospitals that provide rape treatment that is inappropriate according to Catholic teaching.  Catholic hospitals where there are people being killed by euthanasia.  There are just all kinds of problems and if we continue to ignore them – what is going to happen – they are going to get worse. Do you actually think that some of these bishops might come to a point where they would rather distance themselves from Rome than toe the true line on family and life issues?

  Brown: Well, knowing that each and everyone of us is a human being, I am sure that in the minds of some of them, that has already happened – I honestly do.  In fact, in the book, a very dear friend of mine who is now dead, said to me one time that one of the most disappointing things in his whole life was realizing that some bishops that he knew personally did not even believe that Christ was truly present in the Blessed Sacrament.  That is the beginning of the end – if you don’t even believe that, the most fundamental teaching of the Church, are you going to teach and preach any of the teachings of the Church? So, I guess you could say there is sort of a schism already.

  Brown: See, the schism doesn’t bother me – it’s the loss of souls.  I tell people this and they say to me “you are so radical about Nancy Pelosi” – I am worried about her soul and that is where we have to go with this – there is an eternal price to be paid for denying the truth.  These bishops have to take that seriously and they have to do everything within their power to help people see the truth.  And if, at the end of the day, as it says in the Bible – if you tell the truth and the person to whom you have told the truth decides not to do anything about it anyway, God will not hold you accountable but if you fail to tell the truth – you will be held accountable – thus the name of the book.

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