WASHINGTON, October 9, 2001 ( – “It’s time for Americans to say ‘no more’ to Planned Parenthood,” said American Life League president Judie Brown in a full-page ad in yesterday’s Washington Times. The pro-life group’s ad headlined “Defend America! De-fund Planned Parenthood!”, notes that Planned Parenthood is responsible for nearly 200,000 abortions every year. The ad concludes, “Abortion is the ultimate terrorism.”“In light of the worst attack on civilians this nation has ever seen, it is absolutely absurd that our government continues to fund this annual killing,” said Mrs. Brown. “Furthermore, Planned Parenthood’s publicity stunts during this national tragedy—free abortions in New York and free red, white and blue condoms in Virginia—are appalling and unacceptable.”

The ad urges the government to take the estimated $142 million Planned Parenthood receives for various programs and reallocate it to the new homeland security effort. “The best place to start is the Title X family planning program. It’s rotten to the core and should be eliminated outright,” said Mrs. Brown. “Planned Parenthood receives more than $60 million in Title X funding.”

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