By Meg Jalsevac

  WASHINGTON, DC, October 25, 2007 ( – The American Life League (ALL), in cooperation with their affiliate organization STOP Planned Parenthood (STOPP), has launched a highly detailed online map that pinpoints the exact location of each of Planned Parenthood’s (PP) 860 clinics across the United States. The new webpage also provides information regarding any scheduled protests that take place on a regular basis at the PP locations.

  The map, which can be found on the ALL website, includes the names and addresses of the PP centers. Where applicable, the contact information of protest coordinators along with protest hours are also included. The abortion facilities are marked with a variety of symbols which indicate the abortion methods that are carried out at that facility.


According to a press release on the ALL website, president Judie Brown says, “Today we are making available an exclusive new web tool that will serve as a guide for pro-lifers across the country who desire to conduct peaceful activities in front of each Planned Parenthood location in the nation.” 

“American Life League has been leading the fight against Planned Parenthood for years and the new map project stresses the importance of activism at the local level. To get Planned Parenthood out of our country, we must continue to encourage opposition to its programs at local levels while we fight to take away its taxpayer funding.”

  Despite being registered as a non-profit organization, statistics show that in 2005-2006, PP garnered over $340 million in income through their abortion mills. The organization performed 264,943 abortions in 2005. 

  ALL researcher and Map Room coordinator, Marie Hahnenberg expressed hope that the interactive map would assist and encourage more people to take part in prayerful protests outside the abortion mills. “We have seen a great amount of success throughout the country. Pro-lifers have helped save lives by being present outside of Planned Parenthood abortion facilities and offering help to mothers who do not understand the reality behind abortion. Prayer does work. Their presence outside facilities that do not do surgical abortions also helps educate everyone about the true nature of Planned Parenthood.” 

The interactive map has several resource links for individuals who are interested in joining an already established protest or forming a new one. The resources include information on what to take in order to maintain safety during a protest and advice regarding state regulations. 

  The release of the ALL Map Room project corresponds with a similar pro-life endeavor known as the ‘40 Days for Life’ campaign. The 40 days campaign is a national campaign of prayer and fasting, combined with peaceful protesting in front of abortion facilities that is taking place in over 80 cities across the nation.

  As previously reported by, participants in the ‘40 Days for Life’ campaign have been able to report many visible and positive effects that have taken place since the commencement of the campaign. Several clinics in various states have either permanently or temporarily closed and, at the last moment before procuring an abortion, several mothers have chosen life and love for their unborn babies. 

  Commenting at the half way point of the 40 days, national campaign director, Dave Bereit said, “To put it plainly, prayer works. We’re looking forward to hearing many more such reports during the second half of the 40 Days for Life vigils-and beyond.”

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