By Hilary White

WASHINGTON, November 3, 2006 ( – The National Coalition of American Nuns (NCAN), has issued a U.S. voters’ guide promoting acceptance of homosexuality, abortion, “gay marriage”, and adoption of children by homosexual partners. The organization is also a strong proponent of women’s ordination and numerous leftist causes.

NCAN, which in various reports is said to represent anywhere from 500 to 1200 U.S. nuns, was founded in 1969 by prominent dissident Sister Margaret Traxler of the congregation of Notre Dame. Sr. Jeannine Gramick, another Notre Dame nun, and co-founder of the gay friendly New Ways Ministry, is currently a member of the NCAN Executive Committee.

In “An Open Letter to Catholic Voters,” dated October 22, the organization, which is not officially recognized by the Church, urged Catholics to “vote their own consciences in the November elections.”

The sisters urged voters to have “respect for the moral adulthood of women.”“We… will choose legislators who will recognize the right of women to make reproductive decisions and receive medical treatment according to the rights of privacy and conscience.”

The statement gives a thinly veiled plug for gay “marriage” saying that “citizens in committed relationships – whether marriages or civil unions – should retain all rights consonant with their state including, but not limited to, adoption of children, ownership of property, inheritance, health, and end-of-life decisions.”

This oblique support was followed more explicitly with, “We pledge ourselves to initiate, invite, and support deepening actions on behalf of social justice, particularly as these impact women, racial/ethnic minorities, and gay or lesbian persons.”

In their statement, NCAN also praised the 2004 voters’ guide issued by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, “Faithful Citizenship”. NCAN says that in that document, the bishops “urged us not to be single-issue voters and to ‘act on our faith in political life.’”

NCAN aims a parting shot at those bishops, priests and laity who supported the Church’s Canon Law that pro-abortion Catholic” politicians must be denied Communion. In bloc capitals, NCAN writes, “we insist that legislators and voters alike cast their votes in accordance with their consciences and deeply-held values without incurring sacramental penalties based on their voting records.”

NCAN, whose membership it is difficult to determine, appears to be more of a left over 60’s lobby and publicity group for Catholic Sisters from orders who disagree with many aspects of Catholic Church teaching and structure.

In spite of their claims to be “progressive”, almost all of the religious congregations who in the ‘60’s adopted the new ideologies are a dwindling, ageing remnant. They have garnered very little attention for years from young women interested in devoting themselves to a life of service.

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