September 3, 2013 ( – The story of an American woman who was conceived in rape convinced a German rape victim not to abort her baby.

Pro-life activist Rebecca Kiessling was fathered by a rapist, but given a chance to live. The Michigan-based lawyer now regularly shares her story and is active in the organization Save the 1, dedicated to protecting all children from abortion.

“A friend of mine was raped last year,” the German reader told Kiessling. “When she noticed she was pregnant, she did not know what to do.”


“She browsed the internet for help and found your website and your story,” the reader continued. “After that it was clear to her to keep and love her baby.”

“So, you and your story saved her and the baby,” the German woman recounted.

The reader also commended Kiessling's battle to safeguard rape victims and their children from further contact with their assailants. “I also love your fight for rapists not getting any parenting rights so that women and their babies can live in peace and without fear,” she said.

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Kiessling is one of a growing number of people to speak up for the dignity and potential of children conceived from the most offensive crimes.

She, Ryan Bomberger, Pam Stenzel, Monica Kelsey, and others engage in pro-life activism nationally, telling audiences – and wavering mothers like her reader – of the grateful and fulfilling lives they lead.

Kiessling said she hopes this German rape victim's decision serves as “an example to others not to be ashamed of your own difficult stories – whatever it may be – because you can make a difference!”