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Participants in a Jericho March in Lansing, Michigan

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November 12, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — In light of the presidential election, huge prayer rallies are taking place daily outside state capitols, as people pray in support of President Donald Trump and election integrity and reform. While the mainstream media have called the race for Joe Biden, the official results have not yet been certified and there are many reports of voter fraud and irregularities that must still be investigated.

The Jericho March was born of a vision that an Evangelical and Catholic received independently of each other, of people of faith coming together to pray, be unified, and rise up for the cause of truth and justice.

Jericho Marches are peaceful, prayerful rallies, where those gathered walk around a certain place seven times. The idea is drawn directly from the Bible, for the book of Joshua records how God called Joshua to gather the Israelites together and march round the city of Jericho for seven days, and on the seventh day, to circle the city seven times in order to obtain the victory.


“So all the people making a shout, and the trumpets sounding, when the voice and the sound thundered in the ears of the multitude, the walls forthwith fell down: and every man went up by the place that was over against him: and they took the city,” Scripture says.

The current Jericho Marches started on November 5 as a prayerful protest urging elected officials to provide transparency in each state’s election results after many reports of voter fraud, irregularities, and questionable activity that has occurred in this election. As people of faith, the participants are marching and praying for truth to come to light. The participants are praying for  state hand-counted audits and recounts of all legal ballots to be done, fraudulent and illegal activities to be identified, and final votes to be rectified to reveal the true will of the American people in this election.

The official Facebook page for the nation-wide events calls all patriots and people of faith to a “[p]eaceful protest, prayer march, and fasting in support of President Trump, as well as election integrity and reform.” Participants believe that what is at stake is not only the result of this election, but whether America will have an election free from fraud and interference ever again. The group seeks the truth not only about this election, but also true election reform to protect American freedoms and the integrity of the election process.

Jericho Marchers in Lansing, Michigan

Members of the Jericho Marches comprise of Judeo-Christians who pray, sing hymns, carry banners or flags, do rosaries and Eucharistic processions, and blow shofars, all in peaceful demonstration and according to their particular expression of their Judeo-Christian faith. While the marches are particularly focused on the battleground states, which have been the subject of numerous ballot irregularities, they are occurring daily at noon local time in state capitols in every state across the nation, including at the U.S. Capitol. Individuals and groups are self-led.

The marches will run until December 14 across the country, when the electoral college officially casts the votes for the president and vice president. Jericho March is also planning a massive national march in Washington, D.C. on December 12, 2020 called “ROAR!” with national leaders, faith and worship leaders, and others to express support for President Trump and election integrity and reform. The national march coincides with the Catholic feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the Americas and the unborn.

Well-known Catholic author and YouTuber Dr. Taylor Marshall recently presented a short video explaining the marches, stating they are to show support for President Trump, “but mostly to pray.” Marshall urged his viewers to “be a witness. This will hurt nothing; it can only do good. Make it peaceful, make it prayerful.”

Videos of Jericho Marches taking place have already been emerging online. Organizers estimate at least 700,000 people have so far taken part in the marches since their commencement last Thursday.

The Marches reflect a call issued by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, who on the day after the election warned of “the most colossal electoral fraud in history,” and beseeched people to pray.

“I ask you to make an act of trust in God, an act of humility and filial devotion to The Lord of Armies. I ask that all of you pray the Holy Rosary, if possible in your families or with your dear ones, your friends, your brothers and sisters, your colleagues, your fellow soldiers. Pray with the abandonment of children who know how to have recourse to their Most Holy Mother to ask her to intercede before the throne of the Divine Majesty. Pray with a sincere soul, with a pure heart, in the certainty of being heard and answered.”

More information can be found on Twitter at @JerichoMarch20 and on the group’s official Facebook page.  

Help stop voter fraud: The Trump Campaign has created “Defend Your Ballot” to report election issues. Report fraud here or call 888-630-1776. Project Veritas is also accepting voter fraud tips here. The FBI says to report suspected instances of voter suppression/fraud to your local FBI field office or at