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 (LifeSiteNews) – One of the doctors leading the fight against the mainstream COVID-19 narrative is being singled out for punishment by federal agents. 

Dr. Simone Gold, founder of America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) has been subject to a no-fly list and is now targeted for “security” harassment when she flies despite not having been convicted of a crime. She recently discussed how, after she walked into the open doors of the Capitol on January 6  with thousands of other people, a SWAT team of twenty FBI agents stormed her home to arrest her. 

As part of a broader interview on the Dinesh D’Souza podcast earlier this month, Gold described the “terrible” and life altering distress she has been put under.  

Gold explained that her mission is not to discuss politics but to speak on the relevance of true science, countering the “medical cancel culture” which emerged last year. Being invited to speak on medical freedom at the January 6 March to Save America Rally in Washington, Gold said she accepted, in part, because she’s “broadly banned on social media.”  

“So when there is an opportunity presented to me to talk to a million people, I take it,” she explained. “That’s why I was there.” 

After making the trip, and arriving at the location to deliver her speech, Gold was informed that the speeches would not be given, after all. Therefore, even among many bystanders, the physician began to give her speech anyway. She stopped when she realized no one could hear her. 

“And then, eventually, I and many thousands of others walked into the Capitol through open doors,”  Gold related.   

“To the extent I made a mistake, it was, I guess, in retrospect,” she continued.  

“I was well-known, but I was just a random person [and] where I was [there] was absolutely no violence. [Quite the opposite], people were singing.” 

Regarding law enforcement, Gold said it was present, but “there was no attempt to stop anybody. I was one of many who kind of poured in.”  

She stayed within the rotunda area, within the barrier ropes, she explained. 

In response to a question from D’Souza, Gold indicated that it didn’t even occur to her that she was committing any type of violation or trespass.  

“From my perspective, in the moment, I was with many thousands of people,” she said.  

“It happens that I was there on a mission to spread the truth. And I stood there, and I gave my speech. And there is a video of me giving my speech inside the Capitol.” 

Twelve to thirteen days later, Gold went through the “terrible” experience of the FBI “breaking down” her door back in California.  

“You’ve seen the video of the Roger Stone take down?” she asked D’Souza.  

“It was like that. There were twenty officers, twelve with big guns pointing right at me, screaming at me, ‘Put your hands up! Put your hands up! Put your hands up!’ It was very, very scary.”  

Gold was referring to former President Donald Trump’s ally Roger Stone, who, as an unarmed 66-year-old, without a passport, under investigation for lying to Congress, was arrested in a 2019 predawn SWAT team raid at his home with a CNN photographer present to obtain footage. 

One GOP congressman at the time called this an obvious “disproportionate show of force” and a “political act” meant to “terrify” Trump allies.   

“We were taken off to jail,” Gold continued. “I was kept in jail for two days and one night. My communications director was four days and three nights.” 

“What I want to impress was there seems to be a total abrogation of civil rights,” she continued.  

“There was no Miranda Rights reading. There was no phone call. There was no nothing. People are literally, in America, being held, just being held [for no legitimate reason]. It was really shocking and eye opening,” she said. 

It puzzles Gold, a graduate of both Chicago Medical School and Stanford University Law School, why, despite the enormous show of force during her arrest, the FBI did not bother to confiscate her firearm.  

“Gosh, they took twenty officers, and twelve guys with guns pointing down at me. And then they leave my gun,” she said.  

 “I’m either dangerous or I’m not dangerous. If I’m dangerous, you take my gun.”  

 As a result of her arrest, Gold’s life “has been dramatically altered,” she said.  

“We have a pending trial that keeps just getting postponed because the government, I guess, is not ready with their discovery. There’s never going to be anything they find. It’s exactly as I said to you,” she added.  

“What concerns me though, and concerns all Americans, is that we have a system whereby someone is charged with a crime—and that’s fine, they can charge me with a crime—but the crime has not yet been heard or adjudicated.”   

“And yet, I was initially put on a No-Fly List which, for a person like myself, who travels the nation speaking, is a terrible, terrible situation. And then they upgraded that to something called ‘SSSS list’ [Secondary Security Screening Selection] which means every time I go to the airport, they put me through hours of screening.” 

“But it’s not just that. They do it with an intent to interfere with my life,” Gold explained.  

“So, once they put me through this screening, this last time I flew, when I finally got through this, hours and hours, I’m waiting to board the plane, and they pull me out of the line, again to do the whole process again that we just completed, just so I would miss the flight,” she continued. 

“Now, this is happening in America. I have not been convicted of anything. There’s no accusation that I’m dangerous. This is where we are [now].”   

D’Souza brought up the notion of selective prosecution, contrasting the relatively mild treatment of Black Lives Matter [BLM] and Antifa protesters during the summer of 2020 “setting St. John’s Church on fire, and torching these buildings, and occupying the Portland Courthouse,” with how those who were merely present in the Capitol on January 6 are being treated. 

“Selective prosecution worries me deeply, as a person who cares a lot about the constitution and the nation,” Gold said. “You can’t say that everything that happened this year [with BLM] is okay, and then this thing happened, where I’m giving a speech [in the Capitol] is a problem.” 

In anticipation of suggestions that she should be on the No-Fly List, Gold responded, “We have a system where we don’t have a king. We have separation of powers. And I haven’t been convicted of anything, and if the jury system still works, I won’t be convicted of anything. And yet they have taken away my ability to travel, which for me has taken away my ability to speak.” 

When asked if she thought Americans will succeed in reestablishing integrity in their institutions, Gold reflected upon her experience studying the profound fraud which has now plagued the field of medical science.   

“I’m not so optimistic,” she concluded.  

“As a physician-insider, when I saw the depth of the scientists’ distortion,” committing fraudulent science, “then the journals publish fraudulent stuff. I don’t really know exactly how we wind back [and save our institutions],” she said. 

“For me this is like we’re going to be living in a Western satellite of China if we don’t wake up and wake up quickly,” the emergency physician continued.  

“It’s the collective vs. the individual. If we don’t care that Dr. Gold can’t fly, that’s going to be you [one day]. You have to care about the individual.”  

Concern for the individual is key to her organization’s response.  

“So AFLDS’ answer to this thing is to push back and ask the Supreme Court to assert that the individual is still preeminent,” Gold said.   

“We have a nation, after all, that relies on the Bill of Rights, a certain preeminence of the individual. Other nations don’t have that. So, is the Supreme Court going to stand with the individual? We hope so,” she continued. 

 “Either way, we intend to do what we can for the individual versus ‘the big.’ So [at] America’s Frontline Doctors we hope to open clinics where people can go get an individual answer from an individual doctor. And in this way, we hope that people kind of rise-up from the grass roots and push back for freedom in their own lives. It’s not going to come from the top-down. I think the top is trying to oppress us and the people from the underneath are going to have to build freedom in their own life.” 

The physician then invited listeners to join America’s Frontline Doctors in their fight for freedom, saying that “We the People” are their method.   

“So, the way we’re going to rebuild, and hold onto our freedom, is from the people, ‘We the People,’” Gold said.   

“So please come to Citizen Corps at This way you can fight back and find like-minded people in your neighborhood. The tyranny that’s coming from the school board, and the school superintendent, and the city council and the mayor, public health officials, you can fight back not only armed with information on, but armed with a posse of like-minded people, and you will find them at Citizen Corps,” she concluded. 


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