August 1, 2011 ( – Amnesty International is demanding the “right” to kill unborn children conceived by rape in Nicaragua, according to international media sources.

Formerly dedicated to fighting human rights abuses, Amnesty International (AI) in recent years has increasingly become a pro-abortion and homosexualist lobby group.

The French Press Agency reports that an AI “mission” to Nicaragua asked the country’s government on Thursday to decriminalize “therapeutic” abortion, which by the organization’s definition includes cases of rape.

“We are demanding that therapeutic abortion be permitted when the life of the woman is in danger and also when there has been a rape,” said Guadalupe Marengo of AI in an interview with AFP.

“What can be seen here are cases of girls who have been raped who are impregnated, who later have no possibility of having a therapeutic abortion,” complained Marengo, who added that the government “forces them to have a baby” which “is very sad.”

AI continues to claim that Nicaragua’s abortion ban places women’s lives in danger, although the government has repeatedly clarified that doctors performing lifesaving medical procedures that secondarily cause an abortion are not prosecuted.

As LifeSiteNews has reported previously, Nicaragua’s maternal mortality rate has fallen dramatically since the prohibition was passed in 2006, from 140 maternal deaths per 100,000 births to only 100 in 2011.

International pro-life advocates say Nicaragua’s example is not unusual: the highest maternal mortality rates often occur in countries with liberal abortion laws, such as India, and the lowest rates are found where the procedure remains illegal, such as Sri Lanka and Chile.