By Thaddeus Baklinski
WASHINGTON, March 5, 2009 ( – Amnesty International is calling on the California Supreme Court to overturn California’s Proposition 8, the voter-passed amendment that enshrined the definition of marriage as between a man and a woman in the state constitution

In anticipation of a case challenging the validity of Proposition 8 being heard this week in the California Supreme Court, Dalia Hashad, Amnesty International (AI) USA Policy Director issued a statement, outlining AI’s position in favor of homosexual “marriage” and demanding that the court ignore the referendum that passed the Proposition.

“Amnesty International opposes discrimination in civil marriage. But this case is not just about same-sex marriage,” reads the statement. “It is about the basic human right to be treated equally under the law, without regard to an individual’s sexual orientation, race, religion or gender.

“States should never withhold rights based on minority status. Denying equal civil recognition of same-sex relationships compounds the effects of discrimination, undermines other rights, such as the right to housing or social security and tragically, stigmatizes those relationships in ways that can fuel further discrimination.”

The statement concludes: “The message that the court needs to give is clear: allowing discrimination against any group, puts all groups at risk. Discrimination by any means, even majority vote, is unacceptable. The court should put this right by striking down Proposition 8 and affirming equality.”

Amnesty International, which was once recognized as one of the leaders in promoting an authentic understanding of human rights, has in recent years aligned itself with the homosexualist and pro-abortion movements and has begun to support anti-life and anti-family causes and groups.

In February, AI denounced the Mexican government for refusing to require physicians to perform abortions and provide abortifacient “emergency contraception.” AI staged a protest in Mexico City and Madrid demanding that Mexico force doctors to do abortions.

Earlier this year, Amnesty International attacked Nigeria’s ban on homosexual “marriage” by issuing a statement urging Nigeria’s National Assembly to strike down the Same Gender Marriage (Prohibition) Bill 2008.

Late last year AI defended its participation in the Belfast homosexual pride festival in August, which openly promoted anti-Catholic bigotry. The organization posted to their website a photo of a homosexual demonstrator dressed up in mockery of a Catholic cardinal and admitted that AI understood the mock cardinal to be directed towards Cardinal Janis Pujats, the archbishop of Riga in Latvia. Cardinal Pujats has spoken out against the homosexualist movement in Latvia. The protester carried a sign with the AI logo on it and the slogan, “Love is a human right.”

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