Brad Mattes


An unusual party

Brad Mattes

January 4, 2013, ( –  Move over birthday parties, there’s a new celebration that takes place while still in the womb! Ultrasound parties are an emerging trend for parents-to-be, bringing together friends and family to catch a sneak peak of the little one. Usually, the event is held at the expectant parents’ home. It starts out as an average party until the licensed ultrasound tech places gel on the mother’s stomach and the unborn baby appears on the monitors. Immediately, all eyes are on the 3D and 4D images.

Many ultrasound parties are held for the dramatic gender reveal, where parents and guests find out if the unborn baby is a boy or girl. Others are simply to enjoy the experience of seeing the miracle of life growing inside the mother’s belly. One family even discovered unexpected twins at a gender reveal ultrasound!

No matter how many times I see them, ultrasound images continue to amaze me. It’s nothing short of miraculous to take in the movement of little arms and legs, or to watch the profile as the baby sucks his or her thumb. Even the earliest of ultrasounds at six weeks can detect the swishing sound of the tiny little heartbeat. On a more personal note, the ultrasound images we have of twins lost by miscarriage are our only visual connection to our precious grandchildren.

Ultrasounds reveal what pro-aborts don’t want to admit—that life is precious. That’s why they so adamately oppose offering an ultrasound to women who are considering abortion. They know that if women don’t recognize the life they’re ending, it’s far more likely that they’ll choose to abort. Therefore, abortionists and their staff will do whatever they can to hide the truth and deceive women into making a devastating and deadly “choice.”

It’s been said that if wombs had windows, there’d be no abortions. Now, thanks to technology accompanied by pro-life legislation, we’re seeing the impact of that truth. It’s estimated over 80 percent of women choose life after seeing their babies on ultrasound.

To help you save more babies, Life Issues Institute offers a CD of fetal development pictures called Windows to the Womb. These 19 high-quality images have the power to change hearts and minds. While individuals may dismiss words, they’re almost certain to remember the compelling images of life developing in the womb.

I have to wonder how many eyes will be opened through these ultrasound parties. Imagine if a pro-abortion woman invites her like-minded colleagues to the party. Men and women will come face-to-face with the beauty of unborn life. It will move hearts and change minds. And that is something to celebrate!

Republished with permission from Life Issues Institute