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Dr. Christopher CocksworthDiocese of Coventry

COVENTRY, England (LifeSiteNews) — A bishop of the Church of England reported a layman to police for tweets criticizing “queer theory” and the sexual grooming of children associated with it. 

According to a report by the Daily Signal, the Anglican Bishop of Coventry, Dr. Christopher Cocksworth wrote a letter to Sam Margrave, a lay member of the General Synod, in which Cocksworth condemned Margrave’s behavior on Twitter and stated that he “had no option … [but] to report your offending tweets to the West Midlands Police.” 

In another letter, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, and the Bishop of York, Stephen Cottrell, threatened to remove Margrave from the General Synod, the governing body of the Church of England.  

“Not only have the things you’ve said lacked nuance, they have failed to distinguish between serious allegations of criminal behaviour of specific individuals and the wider law-abiding LGBTQI+ community,” the letter reads. “Membership of the General Synod is a privilege and a way in which we serve before God.” 

One of the tweets that caused the hierarchy of the Church of England to report Margrave to the police was “Queer theology builds on the work of paedophiles.” According to The Daily Signal, Margrave’s lawyer explained that queer theory can be traced back to the “Gay Liberation Front,” a group that formed in the late 1960s, which promoted the sexualization of children. 

One of the intellectual fathers of queer theory was the French philosopher Michel Foucault, who was an active homosexual, banalized sexual abuse of children, and advocated for the abolition of the age of consent in order to effectively legalize pedophilia. 

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“There’s a vocal minority that control[s] the church and [is] using its resources to bully me into silence,” Margrave told The Daily Signal. 

“I will not apologize for speaking the truth,” Margrave said in a response to the letter by the bishops. “I do not believe I have done anything wrong. I have been honest, transparent and faithful.” 

“I am being thrown under the bus, excluded, and treated like a leper in the name of inclusivity,” he stated. “The Archbishops of Canterbury and York are holding tight to their copy of Marx while leaving the Bible on a bookshelf.” 

Margrave claimed that the Anglican Church was infiltrated by the British LGBT activist group Stonewall. “The promotion of queer theory, the acceptance of pride flags, and now reporting any vocal opposition to the police, bares all the hallmarks of Stonewall and a repressive regime that wants to silence biblical truth at any cost,” he argued. 

“All I have wanted was to protect children and give a voice to parents by standing against the sexualization and grooming of children, which was part of the manifesto I was elected to [the] synod on,” he concluded. 

Police spokesperson Mike Woods confirmed that “[a]fter reviewing the case and after speaking to all parties, the case has now been closed with no further action to be taken,” The Daily Signal reported. 

The Church of England does not allow for same-sex “marriage,” but officially allowed for the blessing of same-sex unions. They are also currently considering using “gender-neutral language” to refer to God. 

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