SYDNEY, December 22, 2003 ( – A movement of high-order Anglicans in Australia has met with officials in the Vatican to discuss en masse conversion to the Catholic Church as a result of the continuing fracture in the Anglican Communion over homosexuality.  The ordination of a practicing homosexual bishop in the United States and the blessing of homosexual unions by an Anglican diocese in Canada have driven Anglicans wanting to remain faithful to the Sciptures out of their own church.  The Australian reports that the Anglican rector of All Saint’s Church in Brisbane, David Chislett, visited the Vatican in October in “the early stages of explorations to a conversation”. Chislett told the paper that his group of Anglo-Catholics “may want to leave the Anglican communion and consider converting to a sensible but recognisably received faith.”  The paper reports that one of the most popular Anglican priests in Australia has already become a Catholic because of the controversy.  The Dean of Ballarat, William Edebohls was ordained a Catholic priest in Melbourne’s St Patrick’s Cathedral last month.  See coverage from The Australian:,5744,8241540%255E601,00.html