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Announcing a new daily show: Mother Miriam Live! Launching June 17th

LifeSiteNews staff

June 10, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – We are excited to announce the launch of Mother Miriam Live, a daily show bringing you inspiration and solutions for life’s many challenges.

The show, available in both video and audio format, is co-produced by LifeSite and Station of the Cross Catholic Radio Network.

Starting June 17, you will be able to watch Mother Miriam’s show live on her Facebook page. Afterwards, the recording will be available on LifeSiteNews, on the show's YouTube channel (in video format), and the show's podcast page (in audio format).

Mother Miriam grew up in a Jewish household and later embraced Jesus. Her conversion took her from a successful business career to full-time Evangelical Protestant ministry, earning a Master’s degree from Talbot Theological Seminary, and later brought her to the Catholic Church. 

Listen to this exclusive interview on The John-Henry Westen Show in which Westen and Mother Miriam speak about her journey to Catholicism and discuss the launch of her show, Mother Miriam Live, on LifeSiteNews. We are excited to introduce you to such an inspiring and enlightening woman.

Join Mother Miriam daily as she unwraps timely Old and New Testament passages and common questions about the faith. By listening to Mother Miriam Live you will deepen your understanding of our Catholic faith. You won’t want to miss out on Mother Miriam’s great solutions for life’s many challenges.

The show will kick-off Monday, June 17th at 10 am EST/7 am PST and will continue every weekday from 10 - 11 am EST/8 - 9 am PST.

We’ve created a special email list for the show so that we can notify you every day when we post the recordings. Please sign up now by clicking here. You can also subscribe to the YouTube channel, and you’ll be notified by YouTube when there is new content (make sure to also click the bell to enable notifications). 

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