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(LifeSiteNews) – Following the hacking of crowdfunding platform GiveSendGo, an anonymous individual used Google Maps to show where Ontario donors to the Freedom Convoy are located.

After a Canadian self-described “cyberterrorist” hacked Christian crowdfunding platform GiveSendGo and leaked all the private donor information of the supporters of the Freedom Convoy, someone went through the information and plotted where the donors from the province of Ontario were located on Google’s “Maps” service.

According to Google, the page has since been taken down for being in violation of their Terms of Service, but not before it went “viral” and displayed the postal codes and locations of all the Ontario-based donors.

Since the onset of COVID-related measures nearly two years ago, and even more so since the crackdown on the Freedom Convoy protestors by the Canadian government over the past week, concerns over government overreach and individual privacy have been a hot-button issue among Canadians.

Under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s currently invoked Emergencies Act, the government can freeze bank accounts of private citizens without a court order. Meanwhile, the Ottawa police chief announced that intelligence operatives are “monitoring” journalism outlets in an effort to combat “misinformation.”

While media outlets aligned with Trudeau’s tactics used the hacked information of private donors to contact and intimidate them, dissident journalists have reported that they have been pepper-sprayed, beaten, and shot with tear-gas canisters, for trying to film the actions of police during the violent disbanding of the Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa last weekend.

Although many Canadian provinces have taken steps to remove COVID restrictions, mainly the vaccine passport systems, there is still massive institutional support for a more digitized and less private world.

In Ontario, the government is continuing with its plan of implementing a “Digital ID” system despite axing the vaccine passports, while the province of Alberta, whose premier is taking legal action against Trudeau’s Emergencies Act citing government overreach, already has a digital identification system in place.

With Canada’s Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland, the person spearheading the freezing of bank accounts, being an officially listed member of the World Economic Forum (WEF) – the far-left group behind the “Great Reset” – many remain fearful where the nation is headed in terms of individual autonomy under the current leadership.

The Great Reset is a radical plan designed by global elites that “seeks to ‘push the reset button’ on the global economy.” It would essentially establish world socialism and would emulate many aspects of the Chinese Social Credit System.

Canadians have enjoyed limited government, ownership of private property, and protections against invasions of privacy for generations. But many worry under the “Great Reset,” the future dystopia described in 2016 by a Danish member of Parliament writing for the WEF will become reality.

“Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better,” Ida Auken wrote.