October 20, 2011 ( – A couple who had been married for 66 years, and hardly ever spent a single day apart, passed away within hours of each other late last month, reports the Daily Mail.

The remarkable story of Harold and Mary Luty was reported by the UK newspaper just weeks before the much publicized deaths of Gordon and Norma Yeager this past Wednesday.

The Yeagers, who were known for their intense devotion to one another, had been married for 72 years, and died one hour apart, holding hands.


But whereas the Yeagers died of injuries sustained in a car accident, the Lutys’ simultaneous departure seems to have come about from nothing more than the effects of nature, and the strength of their love.

Mary, 87, was confined in a nursing home at the time of her death, where Harold would visit her every day. Unbeknownst to Mary, however, Harold had been diagnosed with cancer after she had entered the nursing home, something he never told her about.

One day, after being discharged from the hospital after a fall, Harold visited his wife, who he had not seen for two days.

Their daughter reports that during the visit, “I said to dad that mum was hanging on and he said ‘maybe we will go together’.”
“‘He said ‘tell her to let go’ and ‘perhaps she is waiting for me’.”

Shortly afterwards she died, and Harold followed the very next day.

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