MUSKEGON, MI, February 20, 2013, ( – Another Michigan woman has come forward alleging she almost bled to death after a botched abortion at the hands of disgraced abortionist Robert Alexander. His Muskegon abortion business was shut down as a public health hazard last December and is now at the center of a controversy over possible corruption at the state Board of Medicine.

The woman, who is 30 years old and wishes to remain anonymous, reached out to local news media after seeing reports about other botched abortions Alexander allegedly performed.

“It just really hit home,” the woman told Target 8 news. “I wanted to make sure that something was done about it, and make sure he doesn't hurt anybody else again.” 


Target 8 reports she is among three post-abortive women who contacted the station to talk about botched abortions or medical complications after abortion after seeing their coverage of Alexander’s ongoing legal troubles.  

The woman said she chose Alexander for her abortion in 2008 because he charged her only $400, half the rate of other abortionists in the area. She said she sought the abortion because she was unmarried, already had three children, and the baby’s father had just been sentenced to prison.

The facility, she said, was filthy.

“I just remember being in a lot of pain, and asking him why was this going on, because he assured me it 
wouldn't be painful,” she said. 

After the abortion, she went to use the clinic’s restroom and was shocked at what she saw. 

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“I remember seeing blood all over the restroom, including on the toilet seat,” she said. “There was blood everywhere. It wasn't from me; it was there as soon as I walked in, and I just thought, I cannot sit down.” 

After the abortion, she bled on and off for six months. Then one night, asleep next to her new boyfriend, she started hemorrhaging.  

She was rushed by ambulance to a local hospital, where she required two blood transfusions, along with an emergency D&C to remove pieces of the baby Alexander had aborted.

“They told me that there were pieces and tissue that had never been removed, that my body had been trying to get rid of,” the woman said. “If my boyfriend hadn't woken me up that night, I just feel like I could have bled to death in my sleep.” 

The woman, now married, said that when she and her new husband conceived a baby several months after the abortion ordeal, the pregnancy ended after five months in a miscarriage.

She says she wonders if the botched abortion somehow caused it. 

The woman says she shared her story to raise awareness of Alexander’s misdeeds and warn women away from him.

“He probably felt he could get away with it because most people don't want to talk about it,” the woman said, “but there's got to be a point where you have to be strong. People need to stand up and fight back against this man.”