ANTWERP, BELGIUM, May 17, 2002 ( – Pro-lifers will probably not be surprised to learn that a radical group of people who showed particular disrespect for Americans at the recent UN child summit had ulterior motives. Ipas distributes a portable abortion device called a manual vacuum aspirator, reports the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute today. The “website also directs potential buyers to a catalogue published by UNICEF that also sells MVAs,” C-Fam notes. (UNICEF claims that it does not support or promote abortion.) Outside of a very distorted definition of health, it would be hard to argue that Ipas’s primary concern was for child well-being.  Ipas is committed to expanding the availability of baby killing services. On their website they claim: “The global need for better access to safe, high-quality, elective abortion services is tremendous.” Ipas “had a marked presence at the conference where its members wore bright green shirts that called for reproductive rights for children,” reports C-Fam. Ipas members also disrupted the daily U.S. sponsored NGO briefings. Ipas representatives held up signs reading “Shame,” frequently interrupted U.S. briefers and spoke over them as they attempted to answer questions. Not surprisingly, the group operated within a coalition of other militant abortion activists including the Center for Reproductive Law and Policy, International Planned Parenthood Federation, Catholics for a Free Choice and the International Women’s Health Coalition.  See: