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November 12, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — In an otherwise successful cycle for conservatives at the state level, American voters elected seven men who claim to be women as state legislators. 

In Delaware, a man who presents himself as a woman, “Sarah” McBride, was elected a state senator. Vermont’s election results likewise favored a man claiming to be a woman, Taylor Small, for the state’s House of Representatives. In historically pro-family Kansas, returns favored “Stephanie” Byers, a former high school teacher and professional LGBT activist with a history of promoting gender ideology to students.

Incumbent men who expect people to call them women who were re-elected include Rep. “Danica” Roem of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Reps. “Gerri” Cannon and “Lisa” Bunker of New Hampshire, and Rep. “Brianna” Titone of Colorado. 

Many of these politicians actively indoctrinate young people, as teachers, volunteers, and even by writing LGBT books targeted at kids.

Those already elected have been critical in enacting a recent wave of anti-Christian state policies, sponsoring or supporting bills that have eroded family rights and the right to life in several states over the last two years.

Below is a list of some of the newly elected and re-elected transgender state legislators and some of their anti-life, anti-family activism.


State senator “Sarah” McBride:

  • Worked with Beau Biden, former vice president Joe Biden’s late son, to get Delaware’s discrimination laws redefined to cover gender confusion. 

  • Helped to get Delaware to force insurance companies to pay for massively dangerous and destructive “gender reassignment” surgeries.

  • Opposed a version of a Delaware bill that would have prevented schools from providing pro-transgender “counsel” to minors without parental notification.

  • Helped direct an anti-family organization in Delaware that successfully argued for taxpayer-funded hormone injections for prison inmates, among other things.

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    'Experts flag over 500k ballots in PA with new evidence of major 2020 election voter fraud'

    ''Smoking gun'? Pennsylvania vote fraud hearing gets gasps from audience'

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State representative “Stephanie” Byers:

  • Longtime transgender high school teacher who used his post in the Kansas education system to advocate aggressively for LGBT causes.

  • Runs an organization that facilitates gender ideology training in Kansas institutions, like schools.

  • Wants to eliminate protections for Christian businesses refusing to cooperate in anti-family events, like homosexual or transgender “weddings.”


State representative Taylor Small: 

  • A reader in Drag Queen Story Hours, the program run in thousands of libraries across the country that normalizes LGBT pathologies by facilitating interaction between children and men dressed up as garish caricatures of women.

  • Promises to “integrate the full scope of all ethnic, racial, gender and other marginalized identities into K–12 curriculum,” according to his official platform site.

  • Seeks to get full insurance coverage of transgender mutilation procedures in Vermont.


State representative “Brianna” Titone:

  • Worked as a teacher at a “Catholic Jesuit school” in Colorado.

  • Sponsored a bill, now law, that would prohibit victims of unwanted advances by LGBT people from violently resisting.

  • Co-sponsored a law banning licensed physicians from treating minors for LGBT feelings or mindsets.

  • Co-sponsored another successful bill that allows transgender people to change their legal identification without a court order.

New Hampshire

State representative “Lisa” Bunker:

  • Author of multiple transgender propaganda books aimed at kids.

  • Co-sponsored a law that changes the definition of gender discrimination to include gender identity and that prohibits transgender “discrimination” with regard to “any covered services” or “medications.”

  • Introduced a successful bill that requires a new birth certificate in New Hampshire for anyone claiming to be transgender.

  • Voted for a bill that would have mandated “coverage for emergency or elective abortion services for state residents.”

  • Voted for a law that allows “any 2 adults to adopt, including an unmarried adult … with the intention to share the parenting responsibilities with any individual.” 

State representative “Gerri” Cannon:

  • A “Christian” transgender propagandist with the United Churches of Christ who has given presentations “at many church gatherings.”

  • Primary sponsor of the law mandating new birth records for allegedly transgender people.

  • Co-sponsored the law that changed the definition of discrimination in New Hampshire to include gender identity.

  • Also voted to mandate abortion coverage and expand adoption to unnatural and broken family units.


State representative “Danica” Roem:

  • Is trying to use the COVID-19 crisis to enforce long-term Catholic school closures

  • Originally won two years ago by ousting a Catholic, pro-life activist. 

  • Sponsored a bill that mandates insurance coverage of transgender procedures in Virginia.

  • Co-sponsored a law that stops Virginians from funding psychiatric treatment of LGBT pathologies.

  • Co-sponsored Virginia’s ratification of the pro-abortion Equal Rights Amendment.

  • Voted to repeal the state’s statutory definition of marriage as between one man and one woman.

  • Voted for a law that removes ultrasound and written consent requirements for abortion and expanded the legality of first-trimester abortion, among other things.

  • Voted for a law that institutes “gender neutrality” into Virginia public-school dress codes.

The 2020 election cycle has seen the election of multiple transgender lower court judges, as well as city councilmen, including a recent graduate from “Catholic” pro-LGBT Wheeling Jesuit University.

By contrast, one transgender legislator in Wisconsin and another transgender candidate in Texas were defeated, the latter in a landslide. The races were significant wins for the pro-life movement, with both victors running on strong track records of defending pre-born life. 

Republicans also unexpectedly won control of the New Hampshire House and Senate, with New Hampshire’s GOP governor Chris Sununu reinstalled as well. Gov. Sununu vetoed the bills that would have removed virtually all abortion restrictions and that would have mandated new birth records for transgenders, though he capitulated on homosexual adoption and transgender “discrimination.”

The rise of transgenderism in state politics has underscored conservatives’ renewed defense of the family at the state level. The GOP’s deterrence of widely-predicted further pro-abortion and pro-LGBT gains this year has been credited to President Trump. His coattails have spared numerous Republican districts from being redrawn and represented by Democrats.

Colette Hazinski contributed to this report.


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