Originally published in the Nov./Dec. REAL Women of Canada’s Reality magazine

Fred PhelpsDecember 18, 2007 ( – When former homosexual NDP MP Svend Robinson was arguing in 2003-04 in favour of his private members Bill C-250, to amend the hate crime provisions in the Criminal Code to give special protection to homosexuals, he was hard put to come up with any examples in Canada of homosexuals who actually were experiencing “hate”. 

He therefore called upon the supposed threat being made against Canadian homosexuals by a U.S. alleged Baptist Minister Fred Phelps from his supposedly Westboro Baptist church located in Kansas, U.S.A.   Mr. Phelps is known for his outrageous picket signs claiming to uphold Christian beliefs against homosexuality.  One of his better-known slogans is “God Hates Fags”.  Mr. Phelps had conveniently, at that time, threatened to enter Canada in connection with Bill C-250 (Mr. Phelps was subsequently refused entry into Canada by the Immigration Department).

Mr. Phelps’ name also arose in Canada in 2001 when REAL Women was a part of the No Committee which included Campagne Québec-Vie (Campaign Life Coalition Quebec), the Christian Heritage Party and a small evangelical church in Montreal to raise objections to the Gay Games scheduled to be held in Montreal in 2006.  The Royal Bank refused the No Committee the right to open a bank account on the grounds that the Committee was discriminating against homosexuals by raising objections to the Gay Games. 

In response to many complaints to the Royal Bank about its refusal to permit the No Committee to open a bank account, Mr. David Moorcroft, Senior Vice President of the Royal Bank of Canada gave as one of its explanations for the refusal that the No Committee supposedly has the support of Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church.  This was preposterous as well as damaging to the Committee’s credibility. 

The No Committee promptly sent Mr. Moorcroft a registered letter dated September 18, 2002 advising him that his statement on the alleged Westboro Baptist Church support of the No Committee was false and defamatory and unacceptable.  Mr. Moorcroft immediately ceased making the allegation.

It turns out that Fred Phelps is not a Baptist Minister, his actions, however, do raise sympathy for the homosexual cause and at the same time bring into disrepute and ridicule the Christian faith.  Further, according to Wikipedia and Kansas Voter View, Mr. Phelps is a registered Democrat who ran in five Kansas Democratic primaries including Senator and campaigned for the then Senator Al Gore in the 1988 presidential campaign (photos back this up) culminating in invitations to both Clinton-Gore inaugurations.   

Mr. Phelps lives in a large upscale home with his grown children, several of whom are graduate lawyers.  Mr. Phelps and his family mysteriously arrive to picket across the country during sensitive times in the cultural war between homosexuals and mainstream society.

Mr. Phelps’ most recent picketing has been at military funerals of fallen American soldiers in Iraq.  He alleges that his pickets are to “thank” God for terrorist killings of American troops as punishment for America’s embrace of homosexuality. But, his picketing at the military funerals conveniently also draws attention to the controversy surrounding the U.S. invasion of Iraq and the Democratic party’s opposition to it. 

Mr. Phelps and his family, with no known source of income, lead a very comfortable upscale life.  He has no church and no congregation.  There is no doubt, however, that Mr. Phelps’ picketing is very helpful to the homosexual cause.

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