OTTAWA, Dec 16 ( – The Canadian Foundation for Children, Youth and the Law (CFCYL), a group currently challenging Canada’s law permitting corrective spanking as a form of discipline was, in 1995, advocating for the “right” of children as young as 14 to give valid consent to sodomy. 

CFCYL executive director Sheena Scott, told the National Post yesterday that they stood behind their 1995 intervention into a court case seeking to have a law prohibiting sodomy for children under 18 struck down. The 1995 case involved a 23-year-old man charged with sodomizing the niece of his fiancee when the girl was 14. 

The Post reported yesterday that the government funded CFCYL “joined the Canadian AIDS Society and the Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights Organizations in arguing that the law should be struck down.” 

The government funded foundation argued that the law discriminated against gays and exposed gay teens to “unnecessary psychological detriment.”    

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