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Antifa activists targeted the priory chapel of the Society of Saint Pius X in Munich,

MUNICH (LifeSiteNews) — A group of Antifa activists has vandalized two Catholic churches in Munich after members of the churches supported the local March for Life. 

Before the March for Life in Munich on March 25, 2023, a group of leftist activists sprayed bitumen [sticky, black form of petroleum], varnish, and paint on the outside of the two Catholic churches and the “Hansahaus,” the meeting place of the pro-life group “Christian Democrats for Life” (CDL). 

One of the churches targeted by Antifa was the priory of the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) in Munich, the other being the church of Maria vom Guten Rat (Mary of Good Counsel). 

In an anonymous post, Antifa claimed responsibility for the attack and explained that they specifically targeted these venues because they were associated with the March for Life and the pro-life movement. 

“We have used the nights of the past few weeks, before the sh**show that calls itself ‘March for Life’, to pay a visit to some structures and figures of the fundamentalist/pro-life ‘movement’ in Munich and surroundings,” the anonymous author wrote. 

“Therefore, full of hatred, we have decided to take the fight against these pigs to where they do not expect us and where the cops cannot protect them. Their houses of prayer and premises.” 

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Father Helmut Trutt, the prior of the SSPX chapel in Munich told LifeSiteNews that the police estimated the damage done to their church to be around €10,000 ($10,845). 

Trutt said that the faithful were not intimidated by the attack “but they are outraged that our churches and religious statues are smeared in this way.” 

“The most striking reaction to this attack was that many believers, as well as neighbors and friends, spontaneously donated money or pledged financial support,” Trutt continued. “We were very moved by this.” 

Trutt said his message to Antifa is that “we are not fascists who must be fought. We are only deeply convinced that one must not commit violence against the children in the womb and must protect them because they have just as much a right to life as all humans.” 

The SSPX prior posited that they were targeted by Antifa because “the Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X has been committed to the unborn for many years and has also been present at pro-life events in other cities.” 

“But the reason might also be the praiseworthy initiative of our youth movement, the KJB, which has been actively involved in the March for Life in recent years and must have attracted the attention of Antifa,” he stated. 

Antifa activists have launched similar attacks against pro-life demonstrations elsewhere around the world, recently taunting and harassing marchers in New York City during a peaceful protest outside a Planned Parenthood premises. 

Likewise in the Austrian capital of Vienna in November last year, Antifa members attempted to blockade the annual March for Life through the historic city but, unlike the protest in New York, were stopped by police.


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