VIRGINIA, Jan 12 ( – It is hard to say what impact the proposed AOL-Time Warner merger will have on life and family issues, but the announcement two days ago did add almost $4 billion to the net worth of Time Warner head Ted Turner who is known for his multi-million dollar donations to population control and the United Nations. There is still a lengthy process before the proposed merger becomes a reality, including governmental approval, but nevertheless, the hoped-for development does appear to have significant ramifications even now for the power and influence of the company leadership.

An article by the Reuters news agency notes that the heads of AOL (America Online) and Time Warner have a social agenda as well as fiscal goals when it comes to their business activity. Time Warner chairman, Gerald Levin, was quoted as saying “This is not just about big business. This is not just about money. This is about making a better world for people because we now have the technology and the instruments to do that.” Steve Case, chairman of AOL, was reported as saying that both companies were run by entrepreneurs “who want to run a business and want to change the world.” The article, however, notes that neither chairman gave any specifics as to their social agenda.