HONOLULU, July 29, 2004 ( – The American Psychological Association, at their annual convention Wednesday, made a decision to endorse homosexual “marriage.” The APA also recommended that same-sex parents be granted all the legal rights of normal married parents.

The APA is following in the footsteps of the Canadian Psychological Association, which in November 2003, made the startling announcement that there is no heightened risk of problems from same-sex parenting, or an increased likelihood for children living in such partnerships to become gay themselves. APA president Diane Halpern made the claim that children raised by same-sex parents suffer no more with mental health problems than other children.

According to an article in REAL Women of Canada’s REALITY magazine (link below), children raised by same-sex parents, contrary to APA claims, are subject to: a higher incidence of violence; a higher incidence of mental health problems; reduced life expectancy; higher incidence of same-sex orientation; a 50-fold increased risk of sexual molestation by parents; and a greater risk of social or psychological problems.  The APA also mirrors the views of a related organization, the American Psychiatric Association, who endorsed same-sex “marriage” in 2001. The American Psychiatric Association led the revolution to normalize homosexuality in 1973 by deleting the practice from its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Dr. Jack Drescher, of the APA’s committee on Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Issues, told New Mass Media in an interview in 2001 that “children in same-sex marriages do just as well as children in heterosexual marriages.”

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