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UNITED KINGDOM, December 4, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — A veteran British doctor has written an essay detailing how much damage the government’s approach to the outbreak of COVID-19 is doing to the practice of medicine and how much government overreach threatens personal liberty.

The physician, who has practiced for 25 years, has written his third essay for the online magazine The Critic under the pseudonym “The Covid Physician,” detailing his disgust with the government.

“The post-Covid pseudo-medical order has not only destroyed the medical paradigm I faithfully practised as a medical doctor last year,” he wrote in “A day in the life of the Covid Physician,” but “[i]t has inverted it. I do not recognise the government apocalypse in my medical reality. The breath-taking speed and ruthless efficiency with which the media-industrial complex have co-opted our medical wisdom, democracy and government to usher in this new medical order is a revolutionary act.”

“A medical tyranny transitioning to a technocratic totalitarianism,” he continued. “A cis- to trans-medicine moment.”

The Covid Physician is clearly more frightened of what powerful non-doctors in the government are doing than he is of the coronavirus itself. COVID-19, he feels, is not particularly fatal, rating in severity somewhere between “the flu and the Hong Kong flu.”

“The average age of a Covid death about 82 years — similar to the normal lifespan, the general survival rate of a Covid ‘case’ is 99.6 per cent. In the under 20s it is virtually 100 per cent,” he wrote.

The Covid Physician began his essay by considering the suffering of a high-needs patient with motor neurone disease, “an asylum seeker who thought she was escaping persecution and tyranny,” who is avoided by carers and visited by doctors only virtually, over the internet, thanks to the lockdown. And she’s not the only one.

“It occurs to me that the dehumanising, forced-impoverishment and restrictions of my refugee and asylum patient group is now upon us all — meagre social credits, not allowed to work, restricted movement, restricted access to healthcare. We are all in the same Lockdown boat, now,” he wrote.

The doctor described himself beginning his boring day of “seeing, yet not seeing” his patients over the computer by wondering where all the “unwell” ones had gone.

I wonder. How many can I prevent from coming in, today? Then a brief thought comes to me … like a sliver of light illuminating a former career … yes … I remember now … where have all the unwell patients gone? Where are all the children with high fevers — we used to see so many. Now none. Where are all those unexpected emergencies that should have dialled 999? Where did they go? What happens to them, now? Does Covid really displace and cure all else? I shrug off these heavy questions with a disturbing ease. I still need to put food on the table. Is this how the doctors coped in Auschwitz? Am I losing my compassion?

He is greatly annoyed by non-doctor Matt Hancock, a leading Conservative politician and forming economist who is now Britain’s secretary of state for health and social care. Hancock has stated that the new COVID vaccine is necessary to reduce the risk of people getting the coronavirus and influenza together, which The Covid Physician said is “most unlikely.”

“[B]ut as this is the thoroughly abnormal new normal what can we do in a parliamentary dictatorship to correct him?” he asked.

Hancock is also a “blunt instrument,” the writer believes. He is bemused when another doctor sends him a message to complain about having to “deliver this vaccine” on short notice. The Covid Physician reflects that even if it takes two months to get the nation inoculated, the health minister will be able to preserve his job or get another one.

“He would still be able to inject some of his cringeworthy pharmaceutical ‘hope in millions of arms’ with boots on the ground before another Ides of March mortality spike,” the Physician wrote.  

“Certainly, a vaccine is the only hope for his political career. But I feel sure AstraZeneca, or a Health Informatics company like Babylon or OWKIN would ease his pain with a lucrative sinecure as he happily revolves out of government. Either way, live or die, the chances are any vaccine will be political win-win for him.”

In contrast, The Covid Physician praises former Pfizer executive Dr. Michael Yeadon, another coronavirus lockdown skeptic. He notes that the expert was soon shut down.

“It was a breath of fresh air when someone with compassion, knowledge and wisdom finally spoke,” he wrote. 

“Dr. Mike Yeadon, former VP of Pfizer and briefly, ex-colleague of Chief Scientific Adviser Patrick Vallance. His film was censored by YouTube within 24 hours. In the same week Facebook censored a medical post by Dr. Carl Heneghan, an Oxford Professor of Evidence-Based Medicine and GP as coronavirus ‘false information.’

The Covid Physician believes that a “virtual pogrom” against doctors and scientists who do not agree with the ruling narrative about the coronavirus is taking place.

But even worse, perhaps, is the government’s collection of genetic data from medical health workers from across Britain.

“When we NHS workers were mass-tested in June, they took whole-blood samples,” The Covid Physician wrote. 

“I was not consented for anything other than the inaccurate Roche antibody test. A business colleague had developed a finger-prick test which was far more accurate at the time, but someone trained in the humanities at the civil service declined it,” he continued.

“It seemed feckless, but whole-blood means other tests can be done later, such as T-cell immunity studies. Sure enough, that data has subsequently emerged from PHE. So, what’s to say Moderna will not be given access to our samples and/or our data without explicit consent? This has been occurring elsewhere in the NHS at an unregulated pace with Google’s DeepMind project.”

The Covid Physican, pondering the mass testing and mass quarantining of Britons going on, wonders if a form of “communo-fascism” has simply conquered the Western world.

“I think of the Nuremberg Code, medical ethics, and patient choice,” he wrote.

“I cannot believe how disproportionate the massive political response is to the relatively small magnitude of the medical problem. I recall the UN declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights. Why are states breaking so many sacred global covenants for something which has killed somewhere on the scale from flu to Hong Kong flu?”

“Such a flimsy, phoney pretext with which to bring the world to its knees. My concern is a medical version of communo-fascism has captured the WHO and our nation states.”

Read the entire essay here.