Apostate Catholic Turned Muslim is “Acting Chair” of Religious Studies at Catholic University

Is same woman invited to address Canadian Catholic Women's League convention last year
Thu Jan 4, 2007 - 12:15 pm EST

By Hilary White and John-Henry Westen

  FREDERICTON, January 4, 2007 ( – has learned that Dr. Alexandra Bain, the formerly Catholic turned-Muslim who mocked the doctrine of the Trinity at a Catholic Women’s League convention last year, is a professor and acting chairman of the Religious Studies department at Fredericton’s St. Thomas University. (see University website confirmation: ) was tipped by a leader of the CWL that Dr. Bain, even though she was an apostate Catholic, was the keynote speaker at a Catholic Women’s League Ontario convention.  Asked why she left the Catholic faith, Bain told Catholic Women’s League members at their 2006 Provincial Convention on July 11, that simple arithmetic had told her the doctrine of the Trinity, the central tenet of Christianity, was nonsense. (see coverage: )

  St. Thomas University still bills itself as a Catholic liberal arts school, “whose roots are in the faith and tradition of the Roman Catholic Church.”

  The President of St. Thomas University is Dr. Michael Higgins who recently won fame among Canadian Catholics in an article in MacLean’s Magazine when he scolded Pope Benedict XVI for his alleged negligence in his comments on Islam at Regensburg in mid-September. (see coverage: )

  When reported on his comments, Higgins responded in a column in the newspaper of the Archdiocese of Toronto, the Catholic Register, calling a “news source of dubious credibility.”  (see coverage: )

  Interestingly, Higgins comment closely reflected the language used earlier by the CWL Ontario Provincial President Shirley George. Referring to the expose of the apostate Catholic speaker at its convention, George referred to and warned CWL members at their National Convention to “be wary of the truthfulness of your sources of information.”

  Subsequently, learned that Dr. Bain is the daughter-in-law of CWL Ontario President Shirley George. (see coverage: )

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