OTTAWA, November 25, 2004 ( – Conservative MP Rob Moore’s appeal to the House of Commons Procedure and House Affairs committee to have his private member’s bill confirming the traditional definition of marriage deemed votable, was rejected today. has learned that Moore has one possibility to appeal still open to him.  He may appeal to the full House of Commons to deem his bill votable.

Since a parliamentary procedural amendment two years ago which was to make almost all private members’ bills votable, only three bills have been deemed non-votable.  All three were private members bills supporting the traditional definition of marriage put forward by Conservative MPs. (Grant Hill, Jim Pankiw and now Rob Moore)  If Moore chooses to proceed with the final appeal, a secret ballot vote by all members will determine the votability of his private members’ bill.

Should Moore decide to proceed, Campaign Life Coalition and other supportive groups will be encouraging all Canadians who value democratic process to immediately contact their Members of Parliament and urge them to vote in favour of democracy and allow a vote on the bill.  ** Canadians may find their member of Parliament contact information at:**   Previous stories on this issue:  Canadian Conservatives to Fight for Parliamentary Vote on Gay Marriage Bill   Canadian Parliamentary Committee Blocks Vote on Traditional Marriage   jhw