News has reached an impressive milestone: 15 years serving the pro-life and pro-family cause!

To celebrate, we are hosting a Gala celebration on April 28th at the Washington Dulles Hilton Hotel outside of Washington D.C. in Herndon, VA.

Our idea for the evening is simple: to celebrate life and family! In keeping with our mission to serve the Culture of Life, we want to create an evening where our supporters can come to meet the leaders of the pro-life and pro-family movement, collaborate with one another on new initiatives in the movement, network with one another to maximize our use of shared and potential resources – and ultimately to kindle the fire within the Culture of LIfe movement.

This is at the heart of what we have done each day for the past 15 years at LifeSiteNews: providing knowledge and resources in the battle for life and family. And to celebrate the great victories of the past 15 years we want to provide an incredible evening for all those whom we serve – particularly YOU, our supporters.

We realize that many will be unable to attend the event due to its geographical location, date, or financial reasons to name a few.  But we still want you to be a part of the festivities because we would have nothing to celebrate were it not for you.  Please check out our “Virtual” ticket options for how you can still be a part of the celebration.

Please visit the impressive LSN Gala website(see screen shot below) to see all of the exciting details we have planned for the evening.  It is shaping up to be a spectacular evening in celebration of life and family and it is our sincere hope that many of you can be a part of the event!