IRVINE, CA, March 8, 2013, ( – April is Abortion Recovery Awareness Month, according to pro-life group Abortion Recovery InterNational, Inc. (ARIN).

ARIN started Abortion Recovery Awareness Month in 2005 to encourage women and families hurting after an abortion to seek healing.

During the month of April, ARIN is urging its supporters around the world to learn more about how reach out to their friends and neighbors to provide comfort and guidance after abortion.

“One abortion, through a ripple effect, may touch the hearts of 40-50 people in a lifetime,” said ARIN President Stacy Massey. “We, as a society, are not always prepared on how to help. Our staff, volunteers and affiliates are here to assist…not only those hurting, but to educate society and the church.”

ARIN has created an Abortion Recovery Awareness calendar for the month of April which provides ideas and resources to promote healing after abortion.

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Republican governors throughout the U.S. have issued resolutions endorsing Abortion Recovery Awareness Month in recent years, including Governor Rick Perry of Texas, Terry Branstad of Iowa, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, and former Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota.

Despite the largely Republican support, Massey says her group is non-political and non-partisan.

Abortion Recovery Awareness Month “has no political agenda,” Massey said “[It] is secular-friendly. It is free of condemnation, judgment, or negative connotations.”

“The ultimate goal is to share compassionate abortion recovery efforts with others and offer help, healing, and hope,” she stated.