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(LifeSiteNews) – Ontario arbitrator Mark Wright ruled that post-secondary institutions in Ontario can continue to mandate vaccines even when they are not required by public health.

The decision, released July 22, came as a result of a challenge from the United Food and Commercial Workers union that represented two food-services employees of Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario.

The university has had a jab mandate in effect for all students and staff since last September, and enforcement has continued by administration even as public health in the region said mandates were no longer necessary.

Wright opined that the school was “perfectly entitled” to deny the vaccine-free to attend or work at the publicly subsidized university.

Wright wrote that the policy was “reasonable” because of the “extraordinary threat to health and safety posed by the COVID-19 in all its variant forms … ”

According to recent research from England, it is believed that COVID is “less deadly than the flu” due to the omicron variant.

The available COVID jabs were designed to deal with the alleged original variant of COVID, and any potential and unproven boosters have been deemed “too late” to be effective against dominant variants.

Wright said that the policy “struck a reasonable balance between and employee’s interest to privacy and bodily integrity and the University’s interest in maintaining the health and safety of the workplace.”

Currently, the vaccine mandates has been paused since May 1. According to the university’s COVID resources page, there are no plans at the moment to reinstate a mandate, but students who are unjabbed would be unenrolled from in-person courses if the mandates come back into effect.

The page also states that if the mandate returns and “fully vaccinated changes to include additional doses” that students would also be kicked out of residence halls if they do not comply.

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