By Hilary White

OTTAWA, May 29, 2008 ( – The Canadian Labour Congress granted its highest honour, the Award for Outstanding Service to Humanity, to Dr. Henry Morgentaler, the father of Canada’s abortion movement.

The CLC granted the award to Dr. Morgentaler at the CLC’s 25th Constitutional Convention in Toronto on Wednesday afternoon. Delegates applauded loudly, with many moved to tears. Dr. Morgentaler thanked the CLC for standing with him “through his many years of struggle”.

Ken Georgetti, president of the Canadian Labour Congress, said that in light of the CLC’s focus on the “wage gap” between men and women, “It is more than fitting that as we celebrate Dr. Morgentaler’s historic legal victory for women in the Supreme Court of Canada 20 years ago – we honour his amazing contribution to the advancement of human rights, women’s equality, and progressive change.”

Those who have tracked the lobbying and political efforts of the CLC will not find their honouring of Morgentaler surprising. The CLC is among the many large unions in Canada that is in complete support of the radical feminist, abortion and homosexual “rights” agendas. As far back as 2000, the CLC launched a campaign supporting the work of gay activists to normalize homosexuality.

Dr. Henry Morgentaler crusaded for legalized abortion throughout the 1960s, 70s and 80s and is one of Canada’s most prolific killers of pre-born children. As a result of his political efforts, Canada is the only country in the western world with no legal restrictions on abortion.

Earlier this month, newly revealed past communications by Dr. Morgentaler could be interpreted to indicate the abortionist achieved at least some of his political goals through blackmail. Maclean’s magazine publicized that in a letter to Pierre Trudeau in 1973, Morgentaler revealed to the Prime Minister which members of the Liberal party’s cabinet had been availing themselves of Morgentaler’s then-illegal private abortion services for their lovers.

On August 28, 1973, Morgentaler wrote, “Dear Pierre…Do you know that in my clinic, I have helped wives, daughters, mistresses and relatives of members of the Federal and Provincial Cabinet, including some relatives of yours? Do you know that Dr. Leon Trudeau, a cousin of yours, has been referring cases to me?”

Since the striking down of any legal protections for the unborn in Canada in 1988, Morgentaler has made millions with his private abortion facilities. He continues to lobby to have provincial governments fund abortions at his facilities.

Morgentaler’s supporters have repeatedly attempted to have him awarded the Order of Canada.

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